Real Estate Law

Cleveland Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

At Waldheger • Coyne, we represent clients in a wide range of commercial real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of commercial real property and buildings, commercial lease transactions, real estate partnership matters, real estate tax disputes, real estate financing issues and dispute resolution.

Our clients include business entities, physician groups, private developers, home owners associations and corporate tax payers.  Waldheger • Coyne offers its clients broad experience and efficiency in handling a wide array of real estate matters.

Commercial Purchases and Sales

Waldheger • Coyne has counseled corporations, physician-owned practices, real estate partnerships and holding companies, municipalities and individuals through the purchase and sale of commercial real estate throughout the state of Ohio, including purchases and sales of office buildings, multi-specialty physician clinics, surgery centers, school buildings, retail storefronts and condominiums, industrial warehouses and undeveloped commercial property.


Waldheger • Coyne brings expertise to the table in counseling corporations and real estate developers on construction projects, including medical office buildings, retail stores, government housing projects and build-out projects.  Waldheger • Coyne has successfully counseled its clients in the negotiation of developer’s agreements, construction agreements, financing agreements and utility issues, and has managed cost control features and construction lien issues.

Zoning and Planning

Waldheger • Coyne assists its clients in every aspect of planning and zoning in connection with real estate matters.  Waldheger • Coyne has provided zoning and planning advice to private entities and individuals and to local Boards of Zoning Appeals and Planning Commissions, and therefore is uniquely qualified to help clients achieve their planning and zoning goals, including representation to obtain variances, conditional use permits and licenses for the desired use of property.

Commercial Leases

Waldheger • Coyne negotiates numerous commercial leases on a monthly basis for both commercial landlords and commercial tenants, and brings vast expertise to all commercial lease issues including negotiation of renewal options, operating expense provisions, exclusivity provisions, insurance requirements, indemnity issues and various other commercial lease issues effecting landlords and tenants.

Commercial Property Tax

Our firm appears before County Boards of Revisions and argues successfully on behalf of corporate tax payers to reduce the County Auditor’s valuation of real estate for property tax purposes.