Criminal Law

Poor decision making, whether by a juvenile or an adult, can lead to criminal conduct and adverse consequences, including the potential for a criminal record.  At Waldheger • Coyne, we address the constitutional rights afforded to our clients, in addition to the facts surrounding the pending charges regardless of whether they are felonies or misdemeanors.  At Waldheger • Coyne, we bring over 45 years of combined experience in defending clients in local municipal and state courts.  We pride ourselves in the discreet resolution of these personal confects.

Waldheger • Coyne handles a variety of criminal law matters including:

  • All traffic and moving violation offenses, including OVI and DUS
  • All felony offenses, including Drug Possession, Drug Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • All misdemeanor offenses, including Child Endangering, Underage Consumption of Alcohol or Drugs of Abuse, and Disorderly Conduct
  • Judicial Release, Probation Violation, and Community Control Hearings
  • Expungements and Post Release Hearings